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Neurological Rehabilitation

Neurological Rehabilitation

The most effective neurological rehabilitation & brain optimization is achieved when multiple sensory systems are simultaneously stimulated together to rewire global brain connections

Sensory integration activities that require individuals to balance precisely, make spatial judgments and provide feedback are the most powerful and effective activities available for maintaining and improving brain-processing efficiency. Improving these skills allows an individual to become an efficient learner and improve academic success. When a person engages in balance exercises that include motor activities involving many different sensory systems, the brain utilizes its neural network to organize and execute the activities effectively. As the difficulty of a task increases, the number of neurons the network requires to perform the task increases.

Our innovative therapies help restore impaired function by leveraging the brain’s inherent ability to repair itself. The therapies target affected areas with specific exercises to rebuild neural pathways. Treatment regimens include innovative balance training, vestibular rehabilitation, eye movement exercises, complex movement patterns, translational otolithic activation, rotational chair therapies, electrical somatosensory stimulation, visual activation, and auditory tones. These various forms of stimulation activate neural networks to re-calibrate the way our brain perceives the world and transmits the appropriate motor, cognitive, or limbic response. Accurate brain perception of sensory input from the world surrounding us is the key to achieving optimal brain function. Good brain function enables us to become the most healthy, happy, intelligent, and of course successful human beings possible

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