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Concussion Treatment

Concussion Treatment for Brain Injuries & Professional Athletes

Professional Athlete Concussion Treatment

Treatment Following a Concussion

Concussion Treatment

At Precision Brain Center we provide the best concussion treatment by leveraging the brain’s inherent ability to change and create new connections. When a damaged brain is stimulated at the correct frequency and intensity, new neuron connection can be formed. Every therapy utilized is purposeful for activating exact brain structures and rebuilding neural pathways. Therapy regimens include innovative balance training, vestibular rehabilitation, eye movement exercises, complex movement patterns, translational otolithic activation, rotational chair therapies, electrical somatosensory stimulation, visual activation, and auditory tones.

Head injuries cause many terrible symptoms because vital neurological structures which allow us to perceive the world accurately get damaged as a consequence of a concussion. The nervous system often times becomes hypersensitive because neurons lose their ability to inhibit meaningless stimulation. Often people who have suffered a concussion experience dizziness, light and sound sensitivity, memory loss, lack of motivation, inaccurate perception, speech and language difficulties, emotional disturbances, poor focus and attention, feelings of disconnection, and brain fog.

Our approach to concussion treatment is geared towards neurological therapies which re-calibrate the way you perceive the world and allows your brain to accurately and efficiently determine the appropriate motor, cognitive, or limbic response. Accurate brain perception of the world surrounding us is the key to achieving optimal health, longevity, and most certainly sports performance. Good brain function enables us to become the most healthy, happy, intelligent, and of course successful human beings possible.

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